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Elliott Wald D.C.H., HA, NLP Master & Trainer, over the last 20 years, has become recognised as a leading expert in the field of Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and cutting edge modern psychology.

Elliott is a truly exceptional and effective hypnotist, with an impressive track record of clients who have found his unique abilities ‘life changing’, including celebrities from the movies, television, sporting and media industries, as well as thousands of members of the general public, who have experienced his extraordinary results, through his one-one work or his many seminars delivered around the world.

One of the world’s most successful Hypnotherapists

The Hypnosis Expert answers the key questions about Hypnotherapy in this short video storyboard;

✔️ What is hypnotherapy
✔️ How hypnotherapy works
✔️ Why hypnotherapy works
✔️ Research conducted on other therapies
✔️ comparing hypnotherapy and the results
✔️ How hypnotherapy can help you

Elliott is now a regular face on our TV screens, having numerous appearances as the Hypnosis Expert of ITV’s This Morning Show and ‘Lorraine Kelly’s Next Big Fat Challenge’ demonstrating his outstanding skills. His success continues to be featured on television, in newspapers, magazines and radio.

Maybe you are one of the many people that are looking to make habitual changes in your life, such as stopping smoking, or you want to lose weight and achieve your ideal shape and size?

Maybe you are looking to make behavioural changes, such as letting go of a phobia, panic attacks or anxiety and want to feel relaxed and in control?

Perhaps you want to increase your self-esteem, and become more confident? Over the years Elliott has helped literally thousands of people just like you, people who want to make a positive change in their lives.

Celebrity Endorsements


TV Work


      Elliott Wald is one of the 10 leading hypnotherapists in Britain (Independent on Sunday newspaper).

Elliott Wald trained extensively with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis at Birkbeck College, University of London. His qualifications include awards from the prestigious British Medical Hypnotherapy Examination Board. Elliott has trained with and assisted the world famous hypnotist Paul McKenna on numerous seminars and training courses. He is a Master and Trainer of NLP learning from its creator Dr Richard Bandler.

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In 2001 Elliott was elected to the board of the Hypnotherapy Association, a position he has held now for over 13 years. In the UK there is no legislation to control hypnotherapy. In effect, this means that (like in many professions) there is a proliferation of poorly trained, under-trained or even untrained hypnotherapists claiming to offer hypnotherapy with little or no experience. The Hypnotherapy Association criteria ensure a minimum set of standards to ensure a safe, ethical and knowledgable service.

      Over 16 years experience delivering exceptional results as a Hypnotherapist

Elliott keeps up to date with worldwide developments to remain at the cutting edge of strategic therapy and techniques. Hypnotherapy with the 'Hypnosis Expert' Elliott Wald covering:

  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton to Lose Weight
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton to Stop Smoking
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton for Self-Confidence
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton to eliminate Panic Attacks
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton for Anxiety
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis in Luton for Fear of Flying and more...

Customer Testimonials

Sue Brearley

Sue Brearley

"I had a phobia of soup... Yes soup... I appeared on ITV's This Morning programme. Elliott hypnotised me for an hour. I remember it well.He was very professional from start to finish. He spoke clearly and repeatedly which I'm sure helped. When I was served the soup I tasted it without any awkwardness and enjoyed it, which is a first for me. I can now go to the supermarket and walk down the soup aisle without a problem. I also can cook it for my family though I still dislike tinned soup I have learned how to make fresh homemade soup. I will forever be grateful to Elliott for his expertise. He is a superstar to me x Thanks x"

Donna Goodwin Osher

Donna Goodwin Osher

"...there are not enough incredible ways to thank Elliott and his expertise and the way he has transformed my life, my lifestyle, my confidence, to face and embrace my fears, in order to love and work in a much more positive, empowering and fear-less life. What I have only accomplished since my sessions with Elliott is amazing, incredible and this stemmed from my fear of flying, heights, lack of not being 'in control' ....everything and everyday experiences now stem from the way Elliott has helped and been transforming to my life. Eternally so thankful and grateful to Elliott."

Sara Louise Fernandes

Sara Louise Fernandes

"Despite my bags of scepticism, after my first session with Elliott, I had lost the desire to smoke, and further sessions over the years have allowed me to live a fuller life, unloading unnecessary guilt and anger, and enjoy the life I have in the here and now. Thanks Elliott"

Michal Mass Booker

Michal Mass Booker

"Elliott helped me overcome a situation which I thought would stay with me forever. I was very sceptical but since experiencing his method of hypnosis I have complete faith in Elliott and his technique and have recommended it to many people who he has since also helped."

Richard Roe

Richard Roe

"I went from thinking and worrying about vomiting every minute of every day (even when at work) to going days without thinking about vomiting thanks to Elliott. He also helped me with my OCDs to the point where I could go out in my car to work and not have to go through a mental dialogue of routine sayings before I started the ignition. I don't know what he does or how he does it but he can make a positive difference to people that need help with even the most deep rooted of fears. Well worth the money. Believe in the Hypnosis Expert Elliott Wald !!! #Legend"

Lewis Bowyer

Lewis Bowyer

"I went to see Elliott Wald in 2012 with a stammer/stutter I was getting when nervous or trying to join in conversations in loud places after having a drink, after a few sessions with Elliot my stutter was history an I back talking with confidence once again. Thank you Elliott Wald an I would recommend."

Lyndsey Maguire

Lyndsey Maguire

"Mr Wald helped me overcome my panic attacks in just 2 sessions. This was in 2004 and I have not had one since. Highly Recommended."


*Disclaimer: Results may vary.

Industry Testimonials


Igor Ledochowski, Founder of Street Hypnosis

"Elliott Wald is THE go-to guy for making dramatic changes in the way that people think and feel. He has a passion to help people transform their lives that marks him out as unique. If you want to see quick, powerful and lasting results, then you really should see Elliott!"


Josephine P TeagueJosephine P Teague MSc BSc (Hons) Chairman Hypnotherapy Association

"Elliott has immense drive, energy and enthusiasm and has the ability to transmit this to those whom he is speaking and invoke in them the will to make the changes they are seeking. Elliott has a depth of theoretical knowledge which he is able to apply in practice."

Patrick Stockhausen

Patrick Stockhausen CEO Taking Stock Global Investments, Taking Stock

"An outstanding innovator, engaging and enthusiastic, he continually positively impacts the lives of people around him, if Elliott Wald says he is going to do something, then you better believe he will follow it through."


Angela PageAngela Page – Hypnotherapist & Speaker

"Elliott Wald is an excellent, compelling and motivated speaker, delivering exceptional talks with energy, passion and sound knowledge. His ability to connect, entertain and energise his audience motivates and inspires individuals and teams, to develop and maintain their fullest potential."

Jamie Edwards

Jamie Edwards – CEO Trained Brain

"I met Elliott Wald 5 years ago and was impressed with his knowledge but more importantly his delivery and passion for self development. There are many who have knowledge but his integrity and desire to make his topic practical for all to use. He is in my mind one of the best in the world."


Ros MatleyRos Matley

"I must say that of all the motivational speakers I've heard over the years on many different subjects, Elliott was the only speaker I've listened to who held every audience member's complete attention throughout Elliott's ability to engage people, make them look at themselves in a different light, bring them into his world and to his line of thinking is second to none."

*Disclaimer: Results may vary.